Remarkable Revolutionary muster roll links forever four Black soldiers and their dogged pursuit of liberation.
The mystery of Sash and Margaret Linsford's marriage in Plymouth County. Also: Abington's Moses Sash/Nash.
Pivotal Massachusetts Women

February 2023

A.) You may have missed last week’s PYRATICALLY AND FELONIOUSLY: The Taking of Joachim/Cuffee. How did a fourteen-year-old enslaved boy from Brazil end…
also: Why is it called Eleven Names Project? and a review of the First Church slavery report
From the ENP archives. . .
From the ENP archives. . .
Issue #13 - The Job Tilden House, Pamela Sparhawk, Boston and Hagar Divorce

January 2023

Who's in The Book of Negroes?
Issue #11: Is slavery "The Spirit of Abington"?
Issue 10: Betty Cooper, Dill Oxford, and Gender Nonconformity as Resistance to Slavery; Illustrating Hard Histories

December 2022

Special Podcast Newsletter, December 26, 2022