Plymouth County Deeds Document Early Ancestors of Sarah and Benjamin Roberts, Hosea Easton, and the Gunderways
The Braintree Edition: A barbarous murder, the Rev. Samuel Niles enslaved 20 people, and Edmund Quincy's bankruptcy
The mystery of Sash and Margaret Linsford's marriage in Plymouth County. Also: Abington's Moses Sash/Nash.
UPDATE: Deyaha Moussa, Full Circle for Medford Muslims, The Negro Man Named Andrew of York, Maine
Pivotal Massachusetts Women
Remarkable Revolutionary muster roll links forever four Black soldiers and their dogged pursuit of liberation.
Issue 10: Betty Cooper, Dill Oxford, and Gender Nonconformity as Resistance to Slavery; Illustrating Hard Histories
"My two boys, whom I obtained with my sword and my bow," Chronicling Dick Morey, & a CT Minister who mortgaged an enslaved man
A.) You may have missed last week’s PYRATICALLY AND FELONIOUSLY: The Taking of Joachim/Cuffee. How did a fourteen-year-old enslaved boy from Brazil end…
Issue #11: Is slavery "The Spirit of Abington"?
also: Why is it called Eleven Names Project? and a review of the First Church slavery report
Slavery & Shipbuilding on the South Shore of Massachusetts, Edward Wanton & Intergenerational Slavery in Rhode Island, Phillis Wheatley & her Husband…